Bookkeeping by Paul Pakusch

Member American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers

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P.O. Box 16563
Rochester, NY 14616
Hours by Appointment

Phone (585) 746-4514


Bookkeeping for Small Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations

  • Initial consultation is free with no obligation.

  • Turn your "shoebox" bookkeeping into an organized system.

  • Spend time running your business while I keep your finances organized.

  • Fixed monthly rate so you can budget accordingly.

  • Pay less for routine bookkeeping services and pay for CPA's only when you need them.

  • Pick-up and delivery available.

  • Outsourced bookkeeping.

What makes my service personalized? Quite simply, it's trust, honesty, and dependability. Throughout my life, in both business and personal relationships, people have always told me they can trust me. When someone tells me something in confidence, I do not betray that trust. It takes a lot of time to build up trust, and no time at all to ruin it. I have a reputation among people who know me that I don't want to ruin. I'm an honest person. I'm terrible at lying to begin with; so if someone needs to know how I feel about something, I will tell them as truthfully as possible without trying to hurt them. Therefore, it leaves me nothing to hide. Finally,in past workplaces, the word "dependable" has always come up in work reviews. When I am charged with a task, I will see to it that the task is completed as thoroughly as possible, on time.

So, my offer to you is to let you concentrate on running your business or non-profit organization while I take care of keeping track of your financial transactions. You can trust that I will give you honest reports, as complete as possible, on time.

-Paul Pakusch